Villa Vals: A home cut from a mountainside and fit for a super villain

By on Jun 15th

Villa Vals is a rentable property in Switzerland that doesn't seem like it should exist in this century. Maybe in an alternate year 2011, one where Thor has come to Earth and fallen in love with Natalie Portman and you are sad that he did not fall in love with you before he joined The Avengers.


One enters Villa Vals through an old barn on a mountainside.

After descending a staircase into the "basement" of said barn, one emerges into this cut-out bit of architectural wonderment.

Still following? It took me a few looks to get this all sorted, so I'm trying to lead you through in a less-confusing way. Some of it, honestly, is due to the simply incredible design of the home.

And then, there you are. In a Dr. Doom sort of secret lair.

This. This is the sort of home one should rule the world from.

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