Covert stoner tips for hiding your stash

June 14 | Guest post by Barbie
Purple Diesel, Big Jar
Labeled jar = not covert enough for this stoner. Photo by Dank Depot. Used under Creative Commons license.

Covert stoners are my favorite type of pot smokers. We don't smoke at parties, we don't talk much about getting high, and the only people who know we smoke are the people we let know. While I wish we didn't need to be covert, I'm not going to argue with the legal realities in the US.

If you want to be a covert smoker, you've got to be able to control the circumstances. Keep it secret, keep it safe, all that shit.

Here's how a covert smoker advises you to hide your pot

Sure you could always go for one of those can safes, but we feel like there are more elegant, and more DIY approaches to stoner stashes.

  • Use a low-smell method. Vaporizers don't put off much smell, so you can smoke in your room and when your friends come over a few minutes later, they'll never know.
  • Get it in glass. Not only is storing in glass better for taste, but glass is extra air tight to prevent that ziplock smell leak. Little jam jars like this are ideal, as the lids can be screwed down tight, but they're still small enough to hide away.
  • Make it hard to find, but not TOO hard. A friend once hid an eighth in the hollowed out back of a wooden zebra head that mounted on the wall…when he was stoned. He didn't find it until almost a year later, when he was moving out.
  • Vintage lunchboxes make awesome stash-boxes, especially if they're innocuously tucked sideways into a bookshelf.
  • Speaking of bookshelves, this ring book from Offbeat Bride would work excellently for, uh, other things. Too lazy to make one? You can always buy one.

Other covert smokers, report! (But please use a pseudonym with your comment — we don't want to inadvertently out anybody!) What are your tricks for hiding your secret identity?