Francis Ellis makes affordable organic eco-friendly candles that smell of wet dirt and firewood

By on Jun 17th

I grew up in the world of Yankee Candles. They were everywhere — when a lady in my family's life needed a gift, there was surely a Yankee Candle to fit. Heavily-scented, filled with dubious ingredients — they are why I haven't been able to commit to candles as an adult. Which sucks! A nice candle, well-made and pleasantly-perfumed with the scent of peanut butter (!!!) gives a room its finishing touch.

Happily, sponsor Francis Ellis Candles stepped up to fill our grown-up, high-quality candle needs. They are more than a hobbyist chandler; Francis Ellis uses 100% soy wax (biodegradeable!), eco-happy wicks, recycled packaging, and each batch of wax goes through 75 laboratory tests. That jumps out to me as a good way to know that Frances Ellis Candles knows what the eff they're doing.

Each candle is made in owner Erin's kitchen in Chicago. When she founded the company she did so on the premise that she use a pure and simple approach — in direct opposition to the mainstream factory production of most candles. She stirs each batch of wax with a wooden spoon, mixing over a background of '80s pop.

AND THE SCENTS. Peanut butter? Hells yes. Currently listed alongside: wet dirt, firewood, bacon, ginger lime, ylang yland and myrrh — and the ever popular unscented.

Really, Francis Ellis didn't step up to fill our cool candle needs so much as hit the candle making ball out of the park, when you look at the processes which make them different from other candle makers — especially the mass-producers.

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Not only is their soy wax completely biodegradable, but it's dermatology-tested, made in the USA with non-genetically-modified soybeans, with zero animal products.

And oh, they're free of petroleum and paraffin, which irritate some folks' lungs and have links to gnarly maladies. So, a good start, right? Read even more about the warm fuzzies of Francis Ellis Candles on their about page — you'll find Francis Ellis even purchases carbon offset credits to reduce negative environmental impacts.

When you're ready for bacon-scented eco-friendly candles, you know where you need to go. Get GOING and get shopping at Francis Ellis, and Erin will mix you up a batch and then send them off in totally eco-friendly packaging. Yay!

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