A backyard suit of armor, a Hello Kitty house, and a Portal cake platter

By on May 16th

Come with me this Monday and tiptoe through the Offbeat Home Flickr Group to enjoy uploads from our readers. Y'all did us PROUD this week!

Another appearance of whoisjaja's outdoor day bed. I'm continuing to fantasize about my dream afternoon there. (And psst: there's a link to a tour of a fort she built for her kiddo in the Clicky Links!)

Amanda, of No Tengo Miedo Clay, tweeted her successful Portal cake stand.

Welcome home!

Psychojunglerat's suit of armor, negotiated for in her house's purchase contract.


Beth took dreamy smartphone photos on a rainy Seattle afternoon.

uli in the garden

Elka's kiddo Uli makes good use of what looks like a very pleasant and secluded backyard garden. Nice start to the summer!

Tea party!

Ariel primped her table for a tea party!

Living room

And I am intrigued by Allison's brick interiors, eclectic STUFF, and... is that a stainless steel countertop?

Enough with the decor porn! Let's see those Clicky Links

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