Big Bear’s gonna teach you how to get oil stains out of clothes

By on Apr 21st

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Last week I went to a delicious lunch at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant and scarfed a scrumptious vegetarian curry soup. I wore my favorite shirt, one "BIG BEAR DOIN THANGS" shirt by Van Holmgren. Truly, a great day. 

Except when I got home I found my favorite shirt, so white and so clean, was splashed with orange food grease in my hurry to devour soup.

In the past I've had to ditch shirts with oil spots. I'd put them in the washer, not knowing any better, and then the stain was set. Even a small spot looks weird in the right places, so I'd add them to my rag pile.

This couldn't happen to another awesome shirt. Besides, I'd intended to pull the artist card and wear my sweet tee under a military jacket to a fancy event that night. 

I didn't know what to do so as usual, I Googled. Google recommended I remove the shirt, apply talcum powder and let the shirt sit for a few hours.

After letting the talc absorb oil, I used dish soap and water on the shirt — dish soap is better at removing oils than some laundry detergent (especially homemade detergent). 

It took several doses of soap but the grease came out. A run through the dryer and I had a weird shirt to wear to a cocktail hour. Laundry Google fix success!

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