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By on Apr 22nd

Doesn't it just hurt to buy disposable plates? The paper ones are flimsy and the plastic ones are PLASTIC, but sometimes flatware just won't work — a huge party! A big reunion at a park! Maybe some of you are planning a wedding, hmmmm?

For a more sustainable option, sponsor supplies eco-friendler bamboo tableware. The shop sells in bulk only, so you'll prep for a summer's worth of parties. OR! Go in with a group of friends and divvy up the order.

The dishes are waterproof, biodegradable and they look niiiice. Check it:

They're sturdier than paper plates, so your day-long patiofest guests can reuse their dishes instead of going through four packages of paper plates. also has pieces for serving and display, like this bamboo canoe.

The bamboo cones would be an easy addition to make a table setting pop — and they're great for finger foods.

See? Pretty utensils and a variety of options — all biodegradable. Start planning your eco-friendlier party and pick out table wares at

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