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Storing comic books: ditching a short box for a showier display

By on Mar 8th
I have to believe that out there somewhere are some offbeat homes with comic book collections that are well-displayed. I would love to see some pictures of what people have done with them, besides shoving them in long or short boxes or stacking them on bookshelves.

I've longed to find a way to honor this part of my husband (because throwing them away or selling them on ebay behind his back would end our marriage). – Liz

Here are some of our ideas…

Alexandria Codex storage drawer: "A dragon punch to the balls of the white cardboard box"

Decorative ledges.

Decorative ledges.

Make a wall of comics with Safco plastic literature displays

Make a wall of comics with Safco plastic literature displays

Offbeat Homies: What are your best ideas for storing comic books in a way which adds interest to a room? If you've got photos, share a link in the comments!

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