The Smacks Crispies Experiment

By on Mar 17th

This post originally appeared on Hipster Housewife on January 5, 2011.

I have a confession. I have never made a rice crispy treat. Until this experiment, I didn't even know how to make them. 

A few weeks back, friends and I were discussing snack foods and this brilliant idea struck me — wouldn't Honey Smacks cereal make an amazing rice crispy-esque treat? I'm familiar with some of the General Mills'-produced sister bars using Golden Grahams, but Smacks? Hells yes. 

We agreed this had to happen. We gathered the supplies, formed an assembly line, and got to work with all the tastiest cereals. The assembly line broke the task into several jobs: buttering pans (because I never have non-stick spray), melting marshmallows, and — most importantly — choosing which cereals to use. 

Husband Scott doesn't eat gelatin and wanted to experiment with vegan options. Luckily, our house is peculiar enough to have two kitchens so while the assembly line worked upstairs, Scott worked in the basement on his own gelatin-free versions of Smacks Crispies. 

When finished, we had eleven pans of mostly delicious baking experiments.

The best pan? Definitely our Golden Grahams creation, followed closely by the Conglomeration Pan — containing some of all the cereals.

The only disappointing pan was made with Corn Pops – way too bland. Really, Corn Pops? You let us down hard.

And how about the Smacks? Just as delicious as I thought they'd be. The Smacks Crispies Experiment was a success.

In high school biology, I learned that we had to write a conclusion to summarize the successes and failures of every experiment. Success: Getting seven people together to make eleven pans of overly-sweet cereal snacks. Success: Pretty much all of the cereal + marshmallow mixtures.

We did have a failure. Unfortunately, Scott's gelatin-free pans were not good. He used a corn syrup and sugar mixture that dried hard as cement. There are fake marshmallow mixtures out there, but they don't feel worth the purchase, so we'll probably keep experimenting with other ingredients. Got suggestions for a cereal to try or a sweet vegan binder? I'd love to hear them in the comments.

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