Blackmetal gardening, lit up courtyards, Star Wars cookies

By on Mar 7th

The Flickr pool heated up last week. You guys are sharing your awesome lives, and it is so fun to sift through. You've been big on cool displays, bizarre knick knacks and bright colors — and these photos are just a few from the bunch. You can click each picture to see more…

The Satanic Wrath and Evil Despair of Infernal Yardwork, a preview from the upcoming Blackmetal Homes and Gardens photobook from photographer Libby Bulloff. CANNOT. WAIT.

secret dance party garden
Am I the only one starting to daydream about warm summer nights outside? Photo by Wonderlane, used under Creative Commons license.

{ Battle Ready }
Okay, I'm COMPLETELY impressed by this Nerf storage solution from aryll in our Flickr pool.

Beloved tchotchke (childhood and otherwise) in the studio
Ursula's tchotchke display. SO MUCH COOLER than if these were all on one shelf.

What would Karl Marx do?
I dunno, Annabel, what WOULD Karl Marx do?

Living room
Way to make a medium-sized frame work the whole wall!

all finished!
Lenore's completed wall-ribboning.

Dr. Bojangles' HOT PINK PATIO.

It's hard for me not to like any primary-colored couch with simple lines, like lilmissbride's.

IKEA coffee table, Craigslisted dresser.  Bull skull ("Hugo") from my favorite store in Santa Fe, Jackalope!
And for coming all the way down here, take a peek at cholla cholla's Oklahoman midcenturythriftsouthwesterncandycoloredsmoothandsimple home — you'll get to see more of it soon, promise!

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