Megan & Aaron's tropical Los Angeles setup — nestled behind a porn shop

By on Feb 24th

Robo Chalk Cock!The offbeat occupant: Megan Finley, Managing Editor for Offbeat Bride and a wedding photographer, and her husband Aaron

Lives in: West Hollywood, CA, USA

What's the 'hood like? Weho is a strange place. In the really swanky part (West of Fairfax Blvd) it's a glamorous gay mecca with hot clubs and restaurants and bars. In the not-so-swanky area (East of Fairfax, West of La Brea) it's gays and old world Russians colliding in a peaceful harmony. I live in the less glamourous area… behind a porn shop.

What makes your home offbeat? My house, as it is now, combines not only my stuff and my husband's stuff, but also the antiques I inherited from my parents. So it quickly went from a hodge podge of random shit to an amazingly decorated home quite recently.

Of course, even though we spruced it up a bit with the antiques and nice furniture, we still maintained our silly personalities with things like a giant shark head mounted to the wall, doors that go to nowhere, bright orange details (my favorite color), Hawaiian accents, and found and repurposed artwork.

The front door

My favorite recent repurposing project was the curtains in Aaron's record room/guest room — we turned a piece of his Pollack-inspired artwork, on un-stretched canvas, into curtains and then made a make-shift headboard by pinning an extra canvas strip into the wall!


The newly re-done guest room with custom artwork curtains.

What also may set my situation apart from most apartment dwellers is that my parents own this building. So, when we moved into the unit we got to renovate a few things. We picked custom tile for the kitchen, and custom vanities in the bathroom.

the kitchen

Megan's kitchen, custom tiles, awesome dog and artwork by a friend.

What are the biggest home decor challenges you've faced, and how did you solve them?
our living roomMy biggest challenge is my husband! Aaron and I have completely different ideas about decorating. We never fight more than when we do over decor. Crazy, right? I wish I could say that we've come up with a compromise or solution, but we haven't yet. We both still hate certain things about our living space, but just deal with them because the fights are annoying.

We also have one of those horrible neighbor situations. I live above the guy who calls the cops on a Saturday night, while you have another couple over for dinner, because you're laughing to loudly. And another neighbor who is the overly-friendly type. I don't REALLY want to talk about how my folks are doing to a guy I barely know while I'm barefoot and braless because I've just popped outside to get the mail. I guess I deal with that by dreaming of the day that we will own our own home and say goodbye to these particularly annoying neighbors.

Our bathroom

What's your favorite feature of your home? There are several awesome things about this apartment:

the kitchen

The view of the Pleasure Chest from the kitchen

  • The high ceilings. It feels so spacious and we were able to do things like hang doors and funky shark heads on our walls.
  • The view from all our windows. In the kitchen and the office you can see out over our wonderful neighborhood porn shop, The Pleasure Chest (where, if you're lucky, you get to see awesome things like this). From the guest room you can see the most gorgeous sunsets. And from our bedroom there's an amazing view of the Hollywood Hills.
  • I absolutely LOVE how large our bedroom is. I've been able to fit book shelves, a dresser, storage benches and two bedside tables (and a fake tree) into the room and it doesn't feel cramped at all. I think the mirrored closets really help. I highly recommend them.

our bedroom

  • I live in the same building as two of my very best friends. One of which is the lovely "Offbeat Coco" from Offbeat Bride! So, my apartment has become the "Offbeat LA office" where we work on posts together.
  • I've turned the balcony into a little succulent garden. I never knew how much I loved plants until I started to display them on the balcony. I don't have a backyard, probably won't for a LONG time but that balcony is the closest thing I have to a peaceful outdoor space. A lot of Offbeat Bride posts get written on that balcony!

my balcony

What's the most important lesson you've learned from this home? I learned, and am still learning, to live with someone else. I have never had a roommate or lived with a partner before Aaron came along and we moved into this apartment. It hasn't been easy. Even though I grew up with two younger siblings, I'm still really bad at sharing.

Our living room

What's your grandest plan for the space? Now that I finally have our living room furniture reupholstered, and our guest room/Aaron's record room all organized we're pretty much done with all of our big projects. I got the official "NO MORE DECORATING PROJECTS!" from the hubs. Though, I love to decorate, though, so… we'll see. ;)

my office / bar

The dining room area turned lounge/office.

Sometimes I think that I'd like to make our dining room an actual dining room. But, we never eat proper meals at home, nor are we ever eating together. So, for now, it's a second lounge area and also my office space. Maybe one day we'll be big kids enough to have a dining room table. Who knows!?

my office

Megan's office desk with an ocean view.

I'd also love to turn our en suite bathroom's stall shower into a laundry center. Enlarge the shower entry enough to fit a stackable washer and dryer inside. You know… REALLY piss off that downstairs neighbor.

But my even grander plan? … To move out of this apartment into our own single family home. It will be mine! Oh yes, it WILL be mine.

Enough talk! Show me the decor porn!

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