Vintage pin-up maternity photography from Hey Cupcake!

Hey Cupcake! Pinup Photography specializes in vintage boudoir and pin-up shots, but also offers maternity photography that is far from the typical hand-over-the-heart, kiss-and-smile bit. The business is located in downtown Des Moines, Iowa, so swing by if you're in the area!

I personally am a HUGE fan of boudoir sessions, and can think of no better way to feel super smokin' while pregnant. These are awesome!

You can see the rest of their "Pin-up Mamas" gallery on Facebook.

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  1. I want to be pregnant again just so I can have photos like this taken. I love it!

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  2. oh my goodness, i LOVE those!! another way to celebrate teh awesomeness of pregnancy.

  3. Yay, Hey Cupcake! Glad to see you on here! I'll have to come back for a visit home with this one! I just showed your work to a friend out here in VA two days ago…LOVIN' IT!

  4. WOW! Thanks for the write up! This totally made my week! <3<3<3

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  5. I am currently pregnant 7 months. I wish I could take cute pictures like these and have them as party favors for my babyshower.

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