Andrew, the Sci Fi DILF

You met Andrew yesterday, in Alissa's post about "Who's watching the baby?" But today you get to know Andrew in a whole different, DILFier way. Today, Andrew is Offbeat Mama's DILF o' the week — with a special focus on the recent family trip to the Emerald City Comic Con.

Andrew just turned 30 this last weekend, and his partner Alissa wrote a whole post about how awesome he is.

Oh, but here's one last sci fi DILF shot that will completely blow your cuteness receptors:


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  1. Hi last picture, you would be my desktop background forever and ever… if that wouldn't be abundantly creepy and weird of me.

  2. this man is awesome. if only i still published the 'zine Hot Geeks! i would ask him to be on our next trading card…

  3. AMAZINGLY CUTE!! :) this whole thing just makes me smile!!:D

  4. OMG, I love the pics! Alissa you have one awesome DILF on your hands ­čśÇ

  5. That is so cute! I need to re-find the image of an old friend dresses as a machine from Evangelion while holding his baby nephew.

  6. I love this. My husband and I can't wait to take our daughter to Comic-Con next year. Walking around Comic-Con this year sent me into labor!

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